Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy – Complicated

When someone says they are busy, there are two things that come into my mind.

  1. Busy because of work or family.
  2. Busy = LAZY!!
Right now, these are my reasons for not blogging.

I have to work my ass out for the past weeks because my boss is not around (na kahit majinit na ang juwetrax kis sa jupuan wititit pa rin sa pagka standing ovation dahil daming dapat shopusin), she just got married last week. I have to help out on her workload (ako na, ako na ang bagong boss!!!bwahahaha), though I have my colleagues with me, I’m still comfortable doing it myself (walang tiwala…echos!!).  But good thing she’ll be coming back soon from her honeymoon (eweeer!!babae  at lalake, uso na kaya ngayon lalaki sa lalaki at bababe sa babae, BET??). Soon I can relax (meaning…makakapag share na ulit ako..)

As for now, i found a new form or type of busyness, MY SOMEONE will be leaving soon (as is very soon, like kahapon nag-apply next week, flyness na on the other side of the world..kakalurkey!!). Though, I know from the start that he’s really planning to go abroad, I was not expecting it to be very soon (dinaig pa si flash te..hambilis!!). Anyway, pwede sa jibang postching na sya??manoknowingkells nyo din ang buong kwenters. So, ngayon, sobrang spend time with each other and drama namin, hindi ako pwedeng mawala sa paningin nya pag magkasama kami..kyemeng ganitey, kyemeng echusan..para lang umalis syang masaya. I know I will be very very sad and depressed (actually, ready na ako maging emotera ulit..harhar) but I know for sure I will have my friends on my side to make me happy, lalo na si BBF na parating may naka-ready na ALAS to make me laugh (alam kasi nyang mababaw ang kaligayahan ko).

Soon, my blog will be filled with stories of my experiences and inhibitions. My blog will be the new way to keep myself BUSY.


  1. hello. hinay hinay lang at wag pastress.

    thanks for visiting my page bro. I appreciate it a lot. :)

  2. :( na sad ako dito..di bale andito lang kami to make you laugh and be busy. pramis!

  3. hi Matt im new in your site nakatuwa ang mga words mo badaf na badaf haha!

    Hope you will follow me too thanks!

  4. magbabonding na tayung muli!